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Laurus Labs is a leading research and development driven pharmaceutical company in India. The company has grown consistently to become one of the leading manufacturers of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for anti-retroviral (ARV) and Hepatitis C. Laurus Labs also manufactures APIs in oncology and other therapeutic areas. Its strategic and early investments in R&D and manufacturing infrastructure have enabled it to become one of the leading suppliers of APIs in the ARV therapeutic area. Out of Ten largest generic pharmaceutical companies in the world, by revenues, are our customers.

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Out of Ten largest generic pharmaceutical companies in the world are our customers

We believe that our significant investment in enhancing our manufacturing capabilities has also resulted in economies of scale and helped us in consistently gaining market share in an expanding market for our key ARV APIs. Our manufacturing facilities have received one or more approvals from WHO, USFDA, NIP Hungary, PMDA, KFDA and BfArM.

Our manufacturing facilities are capable of large scale commercial production of APIs enabling us to position ourselves as suppliers of choice for pharmaceutical companies seeking to leverage our technical expertise, cost effective manufacturing and capacities. We are further building on our API strength to forward integrate into Fixed Dosage Formulation (FDF).

We leverage our strong process chemistry skills to provide synthesis services. As part of our synthesis business, we work with global pharmaceutical companies for providing analytical and research services, clinical research supplies and commercial scale contract manufacturing services. The services offered under our Synthesis business include Alternate Route development, process development, process optimization and validation, scale up of clinical phase new chemical entities, and commercial manufacturing.

We are focused on undertaking dedicated R&D in areas that have significant growth potential. Our systematic approach to selection of molecules, which involves evaluation of technical and commercial feasibility data, and customer feedback has resulted in commercialization of 30 out of the 37 filed DMFs. In addition,we filed 227 patents in which we own 63 patents and 56 countries served .

We also develop and manufacture speciality ingredients for use in nutraceutical, dietary supplements and cosmeceutical products.